Saturday, August 25, 2007

Let's Make A Film!

Dear friends,

"Wouldn't it be wonderful if films were actually made FOR people, BY people?" -John Cassavettes

We often have a desire to do SOMETHING productive, something big; well, here's a way to do that, with very little contribution:

Nearly four years ago, Michael Hall and I created our own film production company (SALL Productions), and we have been hard at work, entertaining ever since. With a fairly extensive body of work--from short films, to feature length, we have worked hard to bring our visions to the screen for you to see. Many of you (our friends) have viewed these films, and many have not--Simply search Chris Sakr on YouTube and you can see a small selection of the work we have done. Now, after these four, wonderful years, we are approaching all those we know to get involved!

Four months ago I finished writing a script that was eight months in the making, and we have moved into pre-production. We are working with a dedicated and SMALL group to bring this picture to life and we are hopeful of its potential. It is a romantic Dramady following a 25 year old pair of ex-lovers who had a child in high school and are working to raise the young girl. The conflict comes into play when the male lead realizes he still has feelings for the mother of his daughter. Laughs, drama, and (if all goes as planned) tears will follow.

HERE'S THE PITCH FOR YOUR HELP: we are hoping for community assistance with financing. We are not asking much--anything you can give is appreciated. We will set the limit at no more than $5 per person. Give enough to feel that you have helped, but also, little enough that it does not take a bite out of your budget. I am aware that most of you, my friends, are either college or high school students, and it's common knowledge that we students never have money. However, a few dollars (the price of a cup of coffee) is a strong contribution. We are hoping that multiple contributions will add up.

In return for your small financial donation, your name will be credited as a financier, and we (collective donators) will form our own production company-- we're thinking "Portland Associated Film Maker's Company" is a good title, but we're open to ideas from anyone who gets involved. You will also be invited to the first screening of the finished film (unshure of when that will be), which will work as a fun event for you, and a great marketing campaign to show the "Big guys" that we demand attention in the industry. We are really hoping to make this film the next big thing, while changing the face of independent film production, by making it a community project.

In closing, ANY HELP WILL DO. As long as your donation can be given in cash, it's good for us--Again, it adds up. Also, tell your families and friends, get everyone involved and lets start a movement! Lets change the industry, because we're tired of all the sequels and recycled films out there! Let's make something new and different, and (we mean this in the sincerest way) let's do this together! We can't do it without your help, so let's go for it!

If you're interested in donating, you can contact either Mike Hall, or myself at our numbers or emails posted below. You may also post questions or concerns on this note and they will be addressed promptly. To donate directly with no questions or concerns, our P.O. Box is listed below. WE ASSURE YOU: None of this money will line our pockets! None of this goes to Mike or myself! No one on this project is getting paid! we are a dedicated group that is just looking for something new and different--if the morons in charge won't give it to us, we'll make it ourselves! We thank you for your support! Peace. To donate directly with no questions or concerns, our P.O. Box is listed below.

Chris Sakr and Mike Hall :^)

Personal Info:

Chris Sakr
Phone#: (503) 754-8936

Mike Hall
Phone#: (503) 984-5489

SALL Productions
P.O. Box 13216
Portland OR, 97213-0216